Saturday, July 25, 2009

After the Midtown Farmer's Market- Lunch!

I love our neighborhood Midtown Farmer's Market > go here for more information and to vote for your favorite local market. It is much smaller then the also lovely St. Paul Farmer's Market yet carries its own charms. Along with many Hmong vegetable farmers with killer low prices on fresh, naturally grown produce, there are the crepe makin' ladies (I don't know the actual name of their business but they make beautiful buckwheat crepes to order and today I saw madelines!), the > Youth Farm and Market Project where kids sell hand-harvested herbs and vegetables all grown by themselves (so fun and the kids are just so cute, hawking their goods) and delicious, traditionally and locally made > Real Bread.

After spending a mere 20$ on enough veggies to last us a week (collard green, cucumbers, kale, rough-looking but good-tasting carrots, pastured organic eggs, green and yellow pole beans, green bell peppers, snap peas, young purple, golden and white onions, and a bunch of rapini), we came home and I made a simple salad of cucumber, diced red onion, sliced grapes, cherry tomatoes from our garden, soprasetta salami, > Kerrygold Irish Cheddar with soft boiled eggs on top. We had homemade sprouted wheat, oat, sunflower seed and cornmeal bread (very loosely adapted from a recipe in > this book Apples for Jam by Tessa Kiros) on the side topped with Kerrygold butter and my homemade strawberry, raspberry and currant jam! It was quite delish and so I think you might enjoy this virtual treat:

Saving the best for last, a sweet pic of my sleepy baby, Eliza who must wait for her nap until we have eaten!:


  1. I LOVE the Midtown market! Since the light rail is also great fun for my 4yo, we parked there at the Midtown market last weekend, then took the light rail over to the Mill City market downtown. Two farmer's markets in one day! So much fun!

  2. the Mill City market also rocks. and ya gotta love that the light rail is free for young kids, so much fun. thanks for stopping by my blog, I love "meeting" irl or online, other mpls mamas!

  3. Hey, Emily, terrific blog. The amazing crepes at Midtown are the work of my dear friend Mala Vujnovich. The crepe stand is called Creperie Mala. Best farmers market breakfast in the world, if you ask me.

    Thanks for mentioning our Real Bread booth, too. My wife Mary makes those wonderful madeleines, along with the best scones and buttermilk shortcakes in town, and I concentrate on the yeasty things, more and more of which are naturally leavened with our now seven-year-old starter.

    Keep up the great work, and we'll see you at the market~ Brett

  4. Trout Caviar- I am diggin' your blog too! I will definitly stop by the market and introduce myself. Someday I hope to be a decent bread maker, in the meantime thank goodness for people like you!

  5. Emily, have you seen this blog from a couple other Midtown fans, Martha and Tom?

    Best~ Brett