Monday, July 6, 2009

Dessert First Please!

I often order dessert with my meal, much to some servers' chagrin. Why not dessert first? The tarts I made tonight for dessert were just healthy enough (not TOO healthy, we wouldn't want that now would we?), made with local rhubarb and strawberries, plenty of sucanat, and served with homemade whipped cream sweetened with jaggery. The cream from Crystal Ball Farms was so fresh that it whipped up in about 30 seconds flat! Have dessert first if you must, enjoying this virtual dessert to whet your appetite; a gooey, yummy, strawberry-rhubarb tart made with a whole wheat, sucanat, lard and butter crust.

We did also eat dinner tonight but I enjoyed the sweet stuff most! For dinner we had local, grass fed rib eye steak marinated in sesame oil, chili peppers, shoyu, fresh garlic and ginger, lime juice and apple cider vinegar, served with udon noodles, farmer's market green (and a few yellow) beans, and peanut/coconut oil/palm sugar sauce to top it all off.

The Twin Cities has some wonderful farmer's markets. For less then 40$ I came home from the > St. Paul Farmer's Market with beautiful, yet imperfect-looking carrots, cilantro, 2 quarts of strawberries, grass fed butter, milk and cream, pastured ground pork, green and yellow beans, fresh, young garlic, eggs, lots of baby bok choy, and great honey-whole wheat bread!

I simply cannot find produce that looks this beautiful at the grocery store:


  1. That dinner looks delicious! Esp as my hubby is away and I've been too lazy to cook for just myself... been cocopops 3 times a day for 3 days! Your gorgeous looking steak and beans has given me the energy to cook supper for myself tonight... thanks!

  2. that's exactly why i like blogs, inspiration! thanks for stopping by!