Saturday, July 25, 2009

In Season Dish Of The Day: roast peaches and chicken

Just a quick post here simply because I had such a good dinner I couldn't wait to share my inspiration for it. I made an adapted version of > this dish from the New York Times tonight with some changes, and my, was it wonderful. I highly recommend you try it for yourself. The changes I made are; I sprinkled a dash of > sucanat into the dish, we didn't have any wine in the house so I used a bit of brown rice vinegar instead, added a Tablespoon or so of chicken broth, replaced the olive oil with butter (due to my current love of grass-fed, salty, delicious butter on most everything), added fresh thyme, basil and oregano from my garden, and finally, I chose skin-on, bone in chicken thighs and just cut out the bone before slicing the meat because really, who doesn't like roast chicken skin? I hope you get to try and enjoy this delightful dish with some not-too-ripe peaches!

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