Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Local Food Meal Plan

Pork Laab Salad

I love looking at what other people are making and planning for their family's meals, it inspires me and gives me new ideas. I like to use as much locally sourced foods as possible, even some foods from my own backyard garden.

Dinner was a spicy pork laab salad made with local pastured pork, locally grown English cucumbers, cilantro and sushi rice. The recipe I am using is adapted from a wonderful new cookbook called > Cooking From The Heart: The Hmong Kitchen in America.


Homemade pizza topped with locally made whole-milk mozzarella and nitrate-free pepperoni and basil, thyme and oregano fresh from the garden. I am making the crust from scratch using sprouted whole wheat flour, > check this out to learn more about this great, traditionally-made food. We'll be having locally grown bok choy for a side.

Vegetarian tacos, with pinto beans, sauteed onions and green peppers, local cheddar cheese and sour cream, and last but not least homemade masa tortillas using > Cheeseslave's recipe .

I am exited to try my own spin on this dish > spicy mango-ginger beef roast, using grass-fed chuck roast. I'll serve it over new potatoes from the farmer's market.

Barbecued chicken thighs from Callister Farms, homemade biscuits made with sprouted wheat flour, and green beans.

Bratwurst sausages sauteed with local purple cabbage, lacinato kale from our garden, and caraway seeds. This meal was inspired by a recipe in one of my favorite books, Full Moon Feast. See > the recipe here

My mom's recipe for corn pancakes with shredded cheese and fresh basil, alongside fried walleye, trout or whatever looks freshest at my Dad's shop, > Coastal Seafoods.

Here's Eliza enjoying pork laab salad!

For more real food stories check > this out.


  1. You're making me so hungry AND you're making me want another baby with that precious shot! :)

    Thanks for joining in on Real Food Wednesday!


  2. That is one cute baby! Sounds really good. We're working doing more local food, it's a slow process of finding it all.