Tuesday, July 28, 2009

simple, real food for baby

The simplest, best real food for your baby is, of course, > breast milk. Eventually your baby will be eager to enjoy other forms of nourishment, too. It helps to have an awesome airplane spoon like Eliza does, and to let your baby get a little messy, which makes starting solid food all the more fun!

There is much written on what to feed your baby and why, so I won't go into that, other then to say your baby needs real food just like you do, not food from a box or jar. If you are looking for cookbooks or baby feeding information I suggest reading Nina Planck's new book > Real Food for Mother and Baby. For healthy family-friendly recipes I like Cynthia Lair's > Feeding the Whole Family.

Following is a recipe for the simplest meal for baby (and puppy as you shall see):

Start with some simple, whole foods such as a tablespoon of whole milk plain organic yogurt, with the tiniest drop of organic, > local Grade B maple syrup (grade B tastes better to me and apparently has lots of trace minerals).

Let your baby go to town and feed herself. Or, if you prefer, offer small bites on a spoon until baby is no longer interested.

Finally let your trusty dog do the cleanup, sit back and snap some photos of your cute baby loving every second of her puppy "bath".

Bon Appetit!

(Though I'm not one for baby gadgets, having an attractive, quality high chair is important to us. The highchair you see pictured is > this one, and no they don't pay me to say this, I just think it's the best!)

This my post for Real Food Wednesdays, please check out all the other great real food stories > here.


  1. Adorable baby. I found that I cleaned up my diet a lot once I started letting my baby sample from my plate :) An added bonus: accountability!

  2. Happy baby and happy puppy! That last photo is straight up adorable! :)

  3. Eliza loves the dog more then I could have ever imagined! and puppy is more then happy to share the love.

  4. what an adorable family! I love finding resources about feeding babies real food! thanks for such a great blog!