Friday, July 3, 2009

strawberries are for lovers- fight back friday!

Babies and freshly picked berries are pretty easy to love! My daughter, Eliza, enjoyed some organic raspberries my kids and I picked at Kedem Orchards, in Hastings MN. We picked 7.77 lbs of the most succulent little strawberries you've ever seen. They were inexpensive, 2.50/lb, compared to the price for strawberries shipped from California found at the store. My plan is to make homemade strawberry/currant/raspberry jam... If we don't eat them all first!

Ready for jam making:

The leftovers and 12 empty pints!

As I spent a happy 30 minutes de-stemming and weeding through our strawberry harvest I noticed that just like all of creation, each strawberry is unique and beautiful. Here's an interesting strawberry my kids found, I also found "twin" and "triplet" strawberries!

Our back yard is even producing some food, below see the tiny strawberry harvest from our own garden:

I love growing some of our own food, it feels so miraculous, not at all the feeling I get shopping at the grocery store where food is laid out perfectly for me, free of dirt and bugs and the sound of bees humming. I definitly enjoy gathering food at the store as well, but there is just something that I can't quantify about having food come from our own efforts.

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  1. Beautiful. Sadly, strawberry season here is LOOONG gone. :( Glad to see people in other parts of the country just getting into the groove.

    (AKA FoodRenegade)

  2. I love the picture of your "harvest"! That was about how ours looked this June - we planted eight new plants and got about one berry each :)

    There really is nothing like eating from your own garden!


  3. real food mama- next year i want to plant a large patch of strawberries. i just did a clay strawberry pot this year and it is a bit sad how few berries we got. we are moving towords a no grass lawn so i hope for the berries to take up some space that is currently being used by our dog!