Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Fruit Crisp

I have always been a "crisp" fan. As a child, my mother made a homey, delicious apple crisp and I have carried on this tradition in my own kitchen, using whatever fruit sounds best to me and is in season.

Please understand that I don't actually use a recipe for this dessert, so take this sort-of-recipe with a grain of salt, or sugar if you will, and be creative, using what is available to you in your neck of the woods. Berries of all kinds are wonderful for this recipe, as well as any stone fruit. I love wild mulberries and raspberries, or peaches and strawberries together for this dessert.

I try and use only the most nourishing, healthy foods in my baking therefore you will see I rarely call for white flour, white sugar or anything highly processed. For an in-depth look at common sweeteners and why you should avoid them, please read Jenny's post > at the Nourished Kitchen.

I am sharing this post and recipes for Real Food Wednesday's. Please check out all the other great real food stories > HERE.

Emily's Summer Fruit Crisp

Ingredients and Instructions:

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.
Generously butter a glass, ceramic, or clay baking dish.

Crisp Topping-

Mix together the following;

1/2 C sprouted whole-wheat pastry flour (for information on the health benefits of sprouted grains and where to purchase please go > here)

1 C rolled oats (to make oats most nutritious you could soak them in an acidic medium and then dehydrate them like > this recipe, but I just used locally milled, organic oats from the co-op.)

1 stick grass-fed butter, melted (I like local > Pastureland butter which I find is the cheapest at the > Seward Co-op, I also like Kerry Gold Irish butter, which is only 2.69 for 8oz at Trader Joe's and is made with milk from grass-fed cows)

1/3 cup sucanat or > rapadura (same product, different brands) or palm sugar

The Fruit Bottom-

Here you must be creative, using what is seasonally available to you. I used two firm, fist-sized pink plums, chopped, and about 1 cup pitted local yellow cherries. Really it doesn't matter, the more fruit the better! Chop fruit so that all peices are large-bite sized. Then sprinkle fruit with a dash of real vanilla extract and a tablespoon or so of sucanat or honey.

Pour fruit mixture evenly on the bottom of your baking dish, then drop doughy oatmeal deliciousness on top, in large clumps so it covers the fruit. Bake for about 30 minutes or until the juices are bubbling and the sugar caramelizes and the oats look browned. Serve topped with lots of homemade whipped cream made with local > grassfed cream and sucanat.


  1. Oh my lord... that sounds too, too good. I have another batch of plums coming out of my ears thanks to a coworker and I just might make a plum/cherry/blueberry crisp. Do you ever use frozen fruit? If so, do you thaw it first or just toss it in there?

  2. thanks you!

    i honestly don't know about the frozen fruit. i would guess that you should thaw it first, unless it's vry small berries, because the crust might burn and the inside might not be done.