Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kid Appeal: real food treats you can find at the grocery store!

I enjoy feeding my kids nourishing foods as much as possible. Most dinners are homemade, we usually have a simple, from-scratch breakfast before school, and snacks consist of fresh fruits, meat, yogurt, cheese or other whole foods. But we don't live in a perfect, healthy-eating bubble and sometimes I want to be able to buy a prepackaged treat or snack that is still good for us, convenient, and, most important to children, comes in a cute package!

Here are my favorites snacks for children that are "grab and go" easy. They are great to put into lunches when you're in a hurry and want to provide a nutrient-dense lunch with an element of fun for the kids (individually packaged food is not the best economical or environmental choice which is why we save these for occasional treats).

> GoGo Squeez- made in France, these all fruit applesauce packets are fun to eat, easily portable, and very tasty too.

> Funky Monkey freeze dried snacks are delicious, and if you are so inclined, raw and vegan too.

My kids love this organic, whole milk kefir called > Probugs. Even the baby likes it. Each bottle has 9 grams of protein and more beneficial bacteria then you can shake a stick at. Ok, so they're not cheap, but they are a healthy, fun treat once in a while.

and finally we have > Justin's maple almond butter. This stuff is super yummy, and chock full of fiber and protein. I love the ingredients too, which include almonds, of course, but also organic palm oil (> a nourishing fat) and maple sugar! Need I say more?

Lastly, these "reviews" are all just my opinions, I wasn't offered any samples by the makers of these products. I'm just exited to find products at the store that are fun and healthier, with no trans fats, MSG, low-fat dairy, ect. Hey, it doesn't take much to excite me! Speaking of excitement, here is an article about a > Swedish study that full-fat milk makes you thinner!

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