Friday, October 16, 2009

butter love

Mmmm... Butter. It makes everything better! I use a good bit of butter in my home cooking. Butter is perfect on warm sourdough toast, mixed with crushed garlic, sea salt and fresh rosemary to be tucked beneath the skin of a pastured chicken, butter is the best in all matters of baking, melted on lightly steamed vegetables, and even all by itself, butter is just so delightful!

Along with my enjoyment of cooking with butter, has come the ability to taste the difference amongst varieties of butter and I have come to love quite a few. My current favorites include > Organic Valley Pasture Butter, > Kerry Gold Pure Irish Butter, and > Pastureland's SummerGold Butter.

As a child I loved the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, and I wanted to make butter just like she might have. It is quite simple, and fun to make. We just shook cream in a small jar until there was a small lump of butter and buttermilk, but > here are more detailed instructions for you to try.

I believe real butter, made with milk from grass-fed cows, is a healthy part of our diet. I eat butter as much as I please and am happy to say I am a healthy weight (I eat a real food diet and am within 5 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight at 10.5 months post-partum!) and enjoy every bite of this delicious "gold". I am not a scientist, and other writers,journalists and medical experts can explain it much better then I, so here are some sources for you if you desire information on the health benefits of real butter:

Eat Wild briefs the reader on various studies that show how grass-fed meat and dairy are higher in vitamin E, CLA (conjugated linolenic acid, a possible cancer-fighter),omega-3 fatty acids and more > here

Convinced that low fat is still the way to go? Dig a bit deeper then the common assumptions. Here is a study published in the > journal Human Reproduction which found that women eating low fat dairy foods have more infertility problems.

The always awesome Cheeseslave has > this to say about butter and maintaining a healthy weight.

And of course,no discussion on butter is complete without consulting a > French artisan butter maker!

Nutrition Therapist Linda Prout offers her view of the research on fat, heart health and the benefits of eating butter in > this article

Come join me in the butter-loving fun, and > eat more butter for health and happiness!


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post! I love butter too, and even give 1 pat a day to my 9 month old baby! My 5 year old eats about 3 pats a day, and that, along with his dha supplements, seems to have cleared up his eczema! I wish more people would realize the amazing health benefits of butter, instead of fearing the fat content! Plus, it just tastes soooo good!

  2. you are so welcome! i believe healthy fats are really great for our skin, and your experience with your children shows this was true for you. enjoy that butter!