Sunday, October 18, 2009

Healing with Real Food: chicken soup, elderberry and honey syrup, and spicy kimchi!

Ah, Fall in Minnesota! The gorgeous colors of the leaves above the Mississippi River, warm woolen sweaters taken out of storage, apples fresh from the orchard, children skipping home from school... and viruses and germs galore! Here are my home remedies for treating what ails us this season;

chicken soup prior to simmering for many hours:

Chicken soup is called upon throughout the world for its healing properties and comforting taste. A well-known > study found this age old folk-wisdom cure may have a scientific explanation. Chicken soup has long been used to heal many ailments throughout various cultures, and > here is a study which found it may even help treat high-blood pressure. Whatever the science behind this traditional food, chicken soup deserves a revered place on everyone's kitchen table this cold and flu season, if simply for it's taste and > high nutrient content.

If you need help encouraging your children to eat chicken soup, read them > Maurice Sendak's Chicken Soup with Rice!

For symptomatic relief of coughs and cold I love the taste of > this organic elderberry and honey syrup. The only ingredients in this remedy are real foods, including elderberry, honey and apple cider vinegar. I found it at one of my favorite > local coops.

My food of choice for maintaining excellent health is kimchi, which I buy at my local coop or Asian grocery store (check labels to make sure the kimchi you buy does not contain MSG). I'm lucky to love the taste of this spicy, traditional Korean dish which is known to have many > health benefits, and is also super yummy! The latest issue of > Saveur Magazine even has kimchi on its cover as "Korea's miracle food", with numerous recipes for making your own kimchi.

So eat real food this season, for the health and joy of it!

*Please remember, I'm just a mom who likes to cook and take care of my family, I'm not a doctor of anything! Please do your own research and consult a qualified health care professional if you are in need of medical care.

I am happy to have this post be apart of > Gnowfglins Tuesday Twister carnvial and > Real Food Wednesday hosted by > Cheeseslave.


  1. i LOVE chicken soup with rice!!! at our library they have it on tape, the singer sounds exactly like carol king(i'm convinced it's her). it's such a fun song! you gotta hear it!

  2. Thanks for these tips and thanks for the book! I received it yesterday!

  3. I like that you are doing kimchi. I'm hoping to make some at some point but keep chickening out.

  4. Millie- I just buy kimchi for about 4$ for 16oz at my local food coop. Making it homemade is probably less expensive and has its own charms but I like the one we get at the store here.

    Michelle- good, I am glad it arrived! enjoy reading!

  5. excellent post--look how nature hands us things to prevent disease which are natural and have many uses for the body--thank you for sharing this!

  6. Great tips! I am not one of those who love kimchi - but I'm game to try again since its been awhile! I love that you shared the Maurice Sendak book. :) We love him, though we've not read that book. thanks for sharing in the Twister!

  7. What a great post! I absolutely love Chicken Soup With Rice, both the book and the food :) I'll have to look into that elderberry syrup, I wonder if you can make something like that at home. Elderberries are so common in much of the US. And you've reminded me to make some kim chi. Mmm.. kim chi!