Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Inspiring (sweet) Recipe Links

I certainly don't cook in a vacuum, and I glean inspiration from many places; favorite cookbooks, old family recipes, my dad who is the most amazing chef and a > local fishmonger, magazines, and of course, the other bloggers! Here are some of my favorite recipes that I've found recently:

Each recipe on the Purely Delicious Magazine site looks delicious, but the one that really lured me in to > this raw, vegan recipe collection, was the Lemon Raspberry Tart; It's raw vegan, grain/gluten-free and just so pretty! While we're talking about grain-free tarts, I saw > these chocolate beauties on Saveur.com. Oh my! They look sooo good.

Almost everything I saw in the latest Saveur magazine made me hungry, but I was especially intrigued by the Mexican-inspired Thanksgiving recipes such as > Sweet Potatoes in Syrup with Guava. I appreciate that the recipe calls for > piloncillo, a traditional and unrefined sweetener.

Mexican Piloncillo:

I generally like all the recipes posted by Grain-Free Foodies, and > this one for crepes really made my mouth water!

Wow, these > Pumpkin Maple Mini-Muffins are scrumpcious looking! The recipe is gluten-free and uses > nourishing coconut oil and real maple syrup. The only thing I would change to make it a bit healthier is to use sucanat in lieu of the brown sugar, and I'd skip the "maple flavoring" in the glaze, using good-quality Grade B maple syrup instead(which is not only yummy, it's a good source of zinc and the trace mineral manganese). For the real DIY-ers out there, I found a tutorial for tapping maple trees and > making your own maple syrup!

I have made and loved many of Marilyn's recipes (she blogs at Just Making Noise, a beautifully designed food/family blog), and > this one takes the cake! (sorry, I just had to use a silly pun). I also enjoyed her > Chicken Chimichangas. I also want to say "thank you!" to Marilyn for giving me my first ever blog award! > Here it is;

Ok, so I'm a little sweet-obsessed today! It must be the upcoming holiday season, or perhaps it's just that all these recipes look so delicous. Give them a try and let me know how they turned out!

I am happy to have this post be apart of > Kelly the Kitchen Kops Real Food Wednesday!


  1. congrats on the award! so exciting. i'm going to check out these recipes, they sound delish. especially the raw one, yummy. i've tried a couple raw desserts but this seems like a winner.

  2. It is so awesome to know that you've made and liked many of my recipes... especially the Chicken Chimichangas! Oh I must make that next week! Thank you! It was a pleasure giving you that Friends Award :o) Enjoy and keep up the good work on your blog!!

  3. thanks ladies!
    i love raw tarts, there is a raw vegan restaurant here in Mpls called Ecopolitan that makes the best desserts, but I have yet to attemp one myself...