Saturday, November 14, 2009

Romantic Dinner for Two (and a baby!): Duck Confit with Buttercup Squash Pancakes

We had a decadent, simple meal Saturday night of duck confit with creamed buttercup squash pancakes. It is unbelievably easy to prepare. Duck confit is a rich, delicious leg of duck that has been cured and pre-cooked in herbs and duck fat. All you must do is warm it up in a pan! Coastal Seafoods carries duck confit for 9.99/lb, and I find that one pound is the perfect amount for my husband and me, when served with a vegetable dish such as the mashed squash pancakes we had.

From leftover roasted and creamed, buttercup squash I created these melt-in-your-mouth-yummy pancakes, covering each with shredded > Ementaller cheese and fresh black pepper, frying both sides until the cheese browned, then topping each squash pancake with a nice dollop of Vermont Butter and Cheese Creme Fraiche.

If you've never tried duck confit, trust me that you will be amazed you waited this long to enjoy such a fabulous, "fast" food. In the time it might take someone to microwave a tv dinner you could be sitting down to perfectly seasoned duck legs cooked in their own fat! And you all know how much > I adore duck fat...

Emily's local shopping tips for this meal:

The lowest price I have found on real Swiss Ementaller, at 8.99/lb, is at Trader Joe's, which recently opened up a store in St. Paul, MN. I also found the creme fraiche there, for 3.25, whereas at most local coops and Whole Foods here in the Twin Cities it usually costs almost 5$ each. Not to mention TJ's carries Kerrygold Irish Butter (which is from grass-fed cows) for 2.69 per 8oz, which is less then you will find it anywhere I've checked.

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  1. you know, i've never had duck. this makes me really want to try it! it sounds and looks amazing.

    tj's really does have some great prices don't they?! i didn't realize the kerrygold butter was from grass-fed cows. i'll be getting it next time i'm there.

    btw- i have an award for you on my blog. when you get a chance, come check it out :)

  2. thanks so much, Anne! heading over to checkout the award...

  3. I've never thought of squash pancakes! They look delish! :)

  4. Emily - wow! I've never tried duck confit - sounds fabulous! As do the squash pancakes. Thanks for sharing this in the Twister! (PS I'm headed to TJs in a few weeks and am going to stock up on the Kerrygold that everyone raves about!)

  5. I had duck confit in a restaurant once and it was beyond amazing. I'm going to attempt to make confit at home using a recipe I found where it is done in the crockpot.

    Those pancakes look yummy!

  6. Wardeh- Kerrygold butter really is my favorite, i could (and do) just eat it plain, on a spoon! it is fluffy, full-flavored, and soooo creamy and yellow. Its is definitly NOT local to me, though. My other favorite butters are Pastureland Summergold (local to MN/Wis) and Organic Valley's Pasture Butter.

    CanCan- thanks, they were quite good, but anything is good, in my opinion, with good- quality Swiss cheese melted on top!

  7. Millie- write about making duck confit! I take the easy wayand buy it, but making it sounds intriguing