Monday, December 21, 2009

Links of Inspiration for Real Food Cooking

I just bought Elana Amsterdam's > Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook and am loving it. The first recipe I tried were the chocolate chip cookies, to which I added shredded coconut and, wow, they were delicious! I don't often prepare recipes as they are written. I tend to use recipes, and cookbooks in general, as inspiration for working with what I have in my kitchen. Elana's recipes call for > grape seed oil and > agave syrup (interesting debate on agave if you click the former link), neither of which I am convinced are the healthiest or least-processed foods. In place of these ingredients I used melted butter and a mixture of local honey and organic cane sugar. I also used 1/3 cup sweeteners in total, rather then the 1/2 cup called for and found the resulting cookies were still a bit sweet for my tastes. Overall, I do like Elana's recipes and her cleanly-designed, user-friendly > website.

I have mentioned the > Sprouted Kitchen before and I'm tooting the horn again, because the author's photography and food is just so beautiful. I made her recipe for baby chocolate molten cakes and loved them, though when made with 73% dark chocolate they were a too intense for the kids. Oh well, more for me!

I get most of my inspiration for cooking at the market, seeking out locally grown foods. I do my much of my "gathering" at one of our > co-ops, my > favorite farmer's market, the best > butcher shop or my > family fish-mongers.

These days most cooks do not forage for food in the wild, yet I believe the primal urge to gather is something we cannot escape. > Here's an interesting article about a Minneapolis native who still revels in the lost art of urban foraging. For the rest of us here is a recent co-op haul:

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  1. Oooo I've been wanted to check out that gluten free cookbook...I bet the chocolate chip cookies are delish.
    Happy Holidays!