Monday, April 19, 2010

Duck Fat and Hungry Monkey

Hungry Monkey by Matthew Amster-Burton, is a gem of a book written by a real dad (and food writer), about feeding his daughter real food and all the amusing and interesting things that happen along the way. There are a few recipes but mostly it is a memoir, infused with humor and honesty. Aside from all that, read this book if only as a way of saying "thanks" to Mr. Amster-Burton for possessing the chutzpah to publish the following. Bless him!

...fat is our Hurricane Carter, our Claus von Bulow: wrongly convicted and still tainted even after its acquittal. The best evidence at this point says that dietary fat (with the exception of trans fat) is unrelated to heart disease and cancer risk, and also unrelated to weight gain, except for studies that indicate that low-fat diets cause people to gain weight. Still, admit you cook with lard and people will react like you keep a loaded gun in your kid's room.
-quoted from chapter 4, Stew You Can Chew.

While I'm on the topic of lard, I must tell you to go try some of the rendered duck fat from Clancy's butcher shop in Minneapolis. At 8.99/lb It doesn't cost much more then grass-fed butter (Pastureland is 6.19-10$/lb depending on where you buy it) and you don't need much of this semi-solid gold to make a big flavor impact. I love the unctuous, yet subtle flavor duck fat imparts when used for making pomme frites, a simple stir-fry, or sauteing thinly sliced pork shoulder and vegetables for Pad Thai. If you cannot find locally sourced duck fat, Rougie French duck fat is a very good quality product as well.

I'm sharing this with Kelly the Kitchen Kop's Real Food Wednesday!

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