Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Co-op Rocks!

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I adore food co-ops. Cooperatively owned grocery stores have high ethical standards for procuring their food, such as Fair Trade certified produce and coffee, offer employees decent wages and benefits, and are committed to lessening the environmental impact their business makes.

What I love most about the food co-ops in Minneapolis, is the wonderful selection of real food. Much of the food at our local co-ops in the Twin Cities is whole, fresh, organic, unprocessed, and lovingly made. Local, small-scale farmers, and independent food artisans are supported by co-op shoppers, and generally speaking, food co-ops do not carry meat from factory farms.

One of my favorite co-ops is the Seward Co-op. They carry really unique, nourishing foods that other co-ops, and certainly regular big box grocers don't have. Yesterday I was elated to see local morel mushrooms for 39$/lb. I've recently seen morels for 70$/lb at other stores and they weren't local. Here is a recipe for cooking these super special fungi. The Seward recently brought in Elk meat from Doraisamy Farms in Garfield, Minnesota, how cool is that? They also carry pastured duck eggs from Living the Dream farm in Oceola, Wisconsin.

Some great deals are to be had at the Seward currently, including the best grass-fed cream youll ever try, in glass bottles, for only 3.19/pint. For non-dairy drinkers, the Seward has Turtle Mountain coconut milk products on sale as well.

I'm so grateful to live in a city where the community values real food and people are happy to support places like the Seward Co-op and all our fantastic farmer's markets.

I'm sharing this with Kelly the Kitchen Kop's Real Food Wednesday and with Food Renegade's Fight Back Friday!


  1. I dig our co-op too but it's kind of a cross between rural ideals and urban mess. A really mixed crowd and I can tell you that most people go because of the convenient location, not because of the food quality. However, they have an awesome bulk section I totally love!

  2. minneapolis is co-op obsessed, we have a co-op in most major areas of the twin Cities and they have a lot of competition, which seems to encourage each co-op to get better and sometimes bigger, too. we also have the largest consumer-owned co-op (the Wedge) in the nation. Every time I travel I check out any town's co-ops and often can't believe how small they are...

  3. Hey, Emily: I second that emotion. Seward has become my favorite co-op, too. Tonight we'll be cooking some morels (not from the co-op) with some of that amazing Cedar Summit cream, and grilling some stream trout. See you at the market tomorrow?

    Cheers~ Brett

  4. our CSA season starts in another month . . . can't wait!

  5. yeah, i will totally be @ the!

  6. yeah for co ops! i've been lovin' my selections the past few months.
    hope you and your family are doing well :D