Friday, May 28, 2010

Pad Thai with Bay Scallops and Marlin

Easy homemade pad Thai with seafood.

I enjoyed homemade pad Thai with Bay scallops and wild-caught marlin from Coastal Seafoods, adapted from a recipe by Kasma Loha-unchit, author of It Rains Fishes: Legends, Traditions and the Joys of Thai Cooking.

Pad Thai is one of those dishes I had mistakenly thought you could only really get at a restaurant. Yet it's a very simple meal to make at home if you have a decent cast-iron wok (which I don't, so I borrowed my dad's 30 year old, much loved one).

Beautiful, sustainably produred fish makes all the difference in creating this meal.

Shredded red cabbage, finely chopped lacinato kale, and thinly sliced bell pepper were used in lieu of the bean sprouts, as that's what I had. Nor did I have dried shrimp waiting around in my cupboard, though I do like them as a snack, and you can find them locally at United Noodles (look for the kind with no artificial coloring or msg added). I chopped up roasted cashews in place of the peanuts just because I love cashews. One important part of making this recipe to not over cook the seafood, especially the scallops, so do cook the seafood separately and add in to each plate at when it's time to serve.

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  1. Could you post your recipe for pad thai? I've given up making at home because it always turned out disgusting.

  2. basically I followed this recipe- I used two pounds total of seafood rather then tofu and shrimp, and I did not use dried shrimp. I also added hot chilis seperately so my kids could eat the meal, too. I just replaced the bean sprouts called for with a ton of veggies and that's about it, hope that helps!